About The TEAM

Vincent Yu 

Delphin x JAVLIN Invest Large Cap Strategy 

JAVLIN Invest has a strategic partnership with Delphin Invest to manage the Large Cap Strategy, a collaborative endeavor that leverages JAVLIN’s robust expertise in portfolio management, risk management, and quantitative research. This alliance aims to harmonize the strengths of both entities, ensuring a well-rounded approach to navigating the large cap investment landscape. Through this partnership, JAVLIN and Delphin Invest are set to offer an enhanced investment strategy that is grounded in meticulous risk assessment, data-driven insights, and seasoned portfolio management practices, promising a well-balanced and forward-thinking approach to large cap investment management. 

Vincent Yu 

Vincent Yu is a co-founder and portfolio manager for JAVLIN Invest. Vincent brings 15+ years of trading experience to JAVLIN Invest. He served as the head trader at Blue Trading, the institutional sales trading arm of a fund of funds, where he facilitated trading for mainly the industry’s top hedge funds. For a period, Vincent also ran his own fund, adding another layer of expertise to his profile. 

Vincent holds an MBA with a specialization in Asset Management from Boston College, as well as a Masters in Finance, which have collectively honed his expertise in investment strategies and corporate finance. 

Vincent’s unique combination of hands-on trading experience, entrepreneurial acumen, specialized academic training, and deep understanding of asset management positions him as the cornerstone of JAVLIN Invest’s investment strategies.