About The Team

Andre McDonnaugh, CFP, CFS, CTS

Portfolio Manager and Director of Sales & Marketing​

Andre McDonnaugh is responsible for portfolio management and sales & marketing at Delphin Investments. He is also the founder and CEO of AIMcDonnaugh & Co. Inc., with over 29 years of investment management experience. McDonnaugh began his career as a stock analyst for company retail and small business clients. Following this, McDonnaugh worked as a financial planner providing pension and retirement consultations for teachers and New York City employees and for R&R Financial Planners. Starting in 1992 McDonnaugh worked as a trader/broker at Jaron Equities, assisting the company and retail investors’ capital raise of $35 million. In 1997 McDonnaugh decided to go back to his roots and assist small businesses as a financial planner and portfolio manager at North Ridge Securities before he took on the role of Registered Investment Advisor at Royal Alliance Associates in the AIG advisor group. While working for AIG, McDonnaugh managed retirement assets for teachers and New York City employees on a retail basis, specializing in Mid-Cap growth stocks and fixed income securities in Biotech, IT Cloud computer and energy space. 

McDonnaugh received his BA in computer information systems and marketing from the University of Miami and his Certified Financial Planner designation from Adelphi University.  McDonnaugh holds Series 6, 7, 24, 63 licenses.