Investment Management Strategies

Global Tactical Asset Allocation ("GTAA")

Delphin Investments uses a proprietary asset allocation model to construct this portfolio from 27 primary asset classes, which include global equities, currencies, commodities, and fixed income. The process involves developing expected return forecasts for each of the asset classes, combined with thoughtful, cost-effective implementation and risk management. Our process seeks to continually maximize expected returns, subject to acceptable levels of volatility.

U.S. Small-Cap Stock ("DISC")

Our approach to managing this portfolio of 150-200 U.S. small-cap stocks incorporates quantitative, fundamental, and macro analyses. Empirical research and our experience have shown that stock selection factors do not earn "average" returns uniformly over time; thus, we consider the macroeconomy and investor sentiment to add flexibility to the process and maintain model efficacy as investors' risk appetite shifts. Our fundamental stock research focuses on top-ranked names in our quantitative model.