We are a Multi-Strategy asset manager offering traditional, and alternative investment products


DI Global Tactical Asset Allocation (DIGTAA)

Delphin Investments uses a proprietary asset allocation model to construct this portfolio from 27 primary asset classes, which include global equities, currencies, real assets (including real estate & commodities), and fixed income. This process involves developing expected return forecasts for each of the asset classes, combined with thoughtful, cost effective implementation and risk management. Our process seeks to continually maximize expected returns, subject to acceptable levels of volatility. We assume relative performance among asset classes deviates from equilibrium levels in the short-term, creating opportunities to add alpha by considering relative attractiveness across, and between asset classes. This strategy invests directly in ETFs, bonds, equity, and equity-related securities in North America, and over-the-counter common, and preferred stocks (including initial public offerings), and globally.

DI U.S. Small-Cap (DISC)

Launched in December 2010, this strategy seeks its objective of long-term growth of capital by investing in a diversified portfolio of 80 to 90 equity securities of small-capitalization companies in the US. This strategy is investment “style agnostic” and seeks to achieve long-term returns that exceed U.S. small-cap market “risk adjusted returns”.

Empirical research and experience have shown that stock selection factors do not earn “average” returns uniformly over time; thus, the macro-economy and investor sentiment are incorporated for flexibility in the process, and to maintain model efficacy as investors’ risk appetite shifts.

Our fundamental stock research focuses on top-ranked names generated by our three quantitative stock selection models (GARP, Dividend, and Momentum/Market Reaction). We expect the strategy’s diversification across styles, GARP, High Dividend, Momentum/Market Reaction, and Value with Catalyst / Fallen-Angels, to generate more stable returns over time than any single traditional approaches.


DI Pan-Caribbean Regional Index (DIPCRI)

The Delphin Investments pan-Caribbean Regional Index (“DIPCRI”) curates a subset of over 150 companies listed on pan-Caribbean exchanges. This broadly diversified, and customized index will represent from 0% to 25% of the CRF portfolio.

To be included in the DIPCRI:

A company would need to derive a significant level of its revenue (reported by them) from a Caribbean country or the region

The company must an active company with a listed trading price


Significant liquidity as measured by Its 30-day average daily traded dollar volume

Delphin Investments does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Investors should conduct his or her own analysis and consult with professional advisors prior to making any investment decisions. Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment loss. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment process is subject to change


The DI SMID Index (DISMID) seeks investment results that correspond to the performance of the Russell 2500 Index. The Russell 2500™ Index measures the performance of the small to midcap segment of the US equity universe, commonly referred to as “smid” cap. The Russell 2500™ Index is a subset of the Russell 3000® Index. It includes approximately 2500 of the smallest securities based on a combination of their market cap and current index membership.

DI Frontier Index (DIFI)

The DI Frontier Index (DIFI) seeks investment results that correspond to the performance of the FTSE Frontier Index Series. The Index is designed to capture the performance of large, mid, and small cap equity securities from eligible Frontier markets in Europe, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. FTSE Frontier Indices can be segmented by Size, Region, Country, and Industry Sectors, and are calculated on a price and total return basis.

DI Entertainment Index (DIEI)

The DI Entertainment Index (DIEI) strategy includes companies that make or distribute music and film, offer direct-to-consumer music or film products, or support creation, marketing, and advertising in those industries.

DIEI aims to track the performance of companies in the entertainment industry across film, television, gaming, and music. The index includes film production, film distribution, movie theaters, television networks, studios, video streaming, music streaming, concert promotion, radio broadcasting, live music venues and advertising. Some examples of the companies are CBS, Live Nation, and Netflix.


We continue to evolve, design, and launch new strategies, and products to adapt to developing market conditions, and deliver custom solutions for our clients. Our alternative product offerings include long/short equity hedge fund, multi-asset, private equity, and real assets (including commodities) strategies.

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